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Easy Blinds and Curtains is the most reputed curtain manufacturer and installer in the UAE. We have a meticulous team of experts specialized in updating the curtain styles and designs and proffering a timeless curtain trend. We offer a stunning range of custom-made curtains perfect for any interior, whether it’s a residential space or a commercial one.

Curtains are great at keeping your home out of the harsh sunlight. In winter, they help keep the warmth of a room comfortable indoors. That makes curtains an energy-efficient option, leading to significant energy cost savings.

Curtains help manage natural light in the house. To control lights in your home, the choice of the fabric and texture of the curtains is also an essential.

Curtains are ideal for managing and maintaining your privacy. Throughout areas such as the living room, bedroom and study, privacy required. You draw the curtainsto create that atmosphere without curious external looks.


Our made to measure curtains are guaranteed to look fabulous because they’ll fit your windows perfectly. Your local advisor is expertly trained to measure and fit, so you can be sure you get the perfect finish the first time. Our made to measure curtains are guaranteed to look fabulous because they’ll fit your windows perfectly. Your local advisor is expertly trained to measure and fit, so you can be sure you get the perfect finish the first time.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most popular window covering solution around the globe. The ease of this blind in operation and its ability to fit perfectly in any space have increased its fame. The contemporary roller blinds from Easy Blinds and Curtains incorporate elegant designs with premium grade quality and profound functionality that ensures comfort and appeal in your living and workspaces.

Roman Blinds

Curtains Shop one of the most popular manufacturers and designers of bespoke Roman blinds that stands out in fabric quality, traditional craftsmanship and unique designs. The unique finish with intricate design is a result of mastered tailored craftsmanship. This traditional window drapery methodology is gaining popularity for the luxurious appeal it imparts along with performing its functionality to the ultimate.

Vanitian Blinds

Venetian blinds are ideal for almost all kinds of window styles ranging from traditional windows for residence and offices to patio doors and French windows that are part of a contemporary building. Our customizable upright tilted blinds are available in any width and design perfect for every window treatment. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds have established greater popularity in the UAE for their perfect light blocking feature and light filtering and privacy. Easy Blinds and Curtains offer an impeccable collection of vertical blinds with outstanding designs that perfectly meet the functional requirements. We can split the curtain rail into 2 so that the vertical blinds can be drawn from left to right and right to left at the middle like curtains. The maximum length of one rail is 300 cm. However, multiple rails can be linked together for seamless integration. 

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are the art of stunning window or door treatment that brings warmth and natural essence to the interior of any room effortlessly. If your home decor has a collection of antique and traditional statements that adds a feel of ethnic richness into the interiors, nothing could complement them in the way wooden blinds do.Easy Blinds and Curtains offer a collection of wooden blinds with painted colours, styles, designs and finishes that provide a perfect blind solution that enhances the mood and personality of the interior decors.

Customized Sofa

A sofa is one of the important and essential pieces of furniture in any home. And it always demands durability as well as a decent look for a long year. So if you’re looking to change the look of your sofa, an attractive, and stunning modern customised sofa from Shade Gallery Furniture LLC will instantaneously enhance the space and look of your home interior.

Modern Customised Bed

We are your perfect solution as if you want to change the look of your bedroom, then you can do this by united furniture Dubai best Customised bed Dubai that is not only attracting new but will also instantly enhance the space. For that reason, a wide range of custom beds collection available that are made by our experienced carpenter to build you a customized bed.

Transform Your Windows with Curtains

For many years, we have been a supplier of window treatments. We offer curtains in different styles and colors to fit any interior design or style of lighting you prefer.